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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Low Cost Easter/Spring Wreath

I just bet you were thinking to your self, "Self, we need to decorate for Easter... but things are tight right now so how can I get festive on the cheap?" Well Self, have I got the answer for you! Wanna guess how much this wreath cost me.... in total?! $3.81 cents plus a couple of pins and dab or two of hot glue... yep less than 4 bucks!! And I for one, LOVE IT!

It breaks down like this...
$1.00 for the wreath at the Dollar Tree
$1.00 x 2 for the ribbon from the dollar bin at Michaels
$..27x3 for the sheets of felt from Michaels

Instructions: Wrap the ribbon around the wreath.... (I believe this wreath is about 8-10 inches, so if you go any bigger than that buy more ribbon) I dabbed some got glue on the inside as I was wrapping so it would stay in place.

Then keep the wreath around the house for a couple of weeks until you can decide if you want flowers or eggs, then print out some stencils of cute flowers BUT forget to take them with you to craft night. Then have your friend tell you to just cut circles in the felt fold it in half and then half again and then have her show you and then do it a bunch of times in matching colors and pin the felt into the wreath where ever you want

So, if your looking for a cute easter decoration you can make on the cheap.... try this... I think it's fantastic!!!
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