this is what i am doing This year!!!

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

Mr Linkys

ONE WORD*** Months... Crafts or Scrapbook pages  end of month

Jan2010-New                      Feb-Love
March-Luck(y)                    April-Blessed
May-Mother                        June-Father
July-Patriotism                     August-Summer
September-School               October-Treats
November-Thankful             December-Joyful
All About me: 15th every month
Jan - Names/Nicknames
Feb-Fave Childhood Toy(s) Why? Tell us about it...
March-Friends... Why? Tell us about them...
April-Advice you would give to yourself at the age of....
May-Where did you grow up? tell us about it. what were your likes and dislikes of growing up?
June-Fave recipe to make and why? any family recipes?
July-Family Tree
August- Hobbies... Why are they your hobby? and why?
September-Fave Subject in School? Why?
October-How did you meet your spouse? why were you attracted to them?
November -Features... Whom did they come from? fave and least fave?
December-Fave Holiday and why?
Jan 2011-Pet Peeves
Feb-Family Traditions... where did they come from? how did they come about

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