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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project Life

Here are somMarch 013e photos of my project life book so far… I still have a long way to go… a lot of holes to fill up… For extra photos I am using the 8x8 for our scouts (I do digi scrapbooking for them so they have a souvenir of their year) and then the 8.5X11 for our extra fun stuff as a family… so I hope you have enjoyed this so far… March 017for one of our meetings for scouts I didn’t take a photo so instead I made a 4x6 scouting photo myself… I had fun with that I also did that for MLK day since that was a day I had off and I was at home the wholeMarch 018 day and didn’t take any photos… I know boo shame on me… I am a bit upset at myself for not remembering that CM cuts off some of the photos and I need to remember to place my words a little bit more in on the photo… the only stinker is since I have bought 4x6 for 90$March 019 through CM photo center I use them but it takes forever to get  my prints… so I try to put as big an order as I can together… for my pages I use Persnickety prints they are awesome and in UT which is closer than MN… and so they are fast and a great quality with a lower price… I did order my March 020MLK and Scouting 4x6 through them and they charged 29 cents for each print where I can get them through CM for like 12 cents so I don’t know… Trade offs I guess… There is a bunch I am in the process of doing… I still need to do the booth sale page for our troop from last night…March 015I really love how my Project life is coming together I mean I am using product that I bought over 5 years ago and incorporating it into my album.. see the paper on the sides of this layout on the journal cards… that is from a Michaels stack from either late 2004 or early 2005 so maybe 6-7 years old… my mom was working March 016on her cards and needed some paper so I pulled this stuff from my stash… well we had some scratch paper and I put it by my supplies and thought hey this is a way to spice up my journal cards and make them beautiful…

I have added things from events like my husband participated in his company's annual Bowling tourney and so I cut up the sign with the name of the team or department that was bowlingMarch 008 and added it to the layout… I love this about scrapbooking, it allows you to be a packrat and still throw things away with out the guilt… I used what I needed from the sign and threw the rest away… an organized packrat or a scrap booker whatever you want to call me is fine by me… As you can see I am still liking the hands on and creating of my own stuff for my book… Where as Becky Higgins has everything ready for you… which depending on how much hands on or time youMarch 014 have you will find the right fix for you… I love Becky Higgins idea of making it simple and easy and taking a photo a day and journal everyday… It is a journal that I am trying to keep up with… I am using up my embellishments that I have had forever(ok maybe not that long) it has been awhile… March 009I have been taking my camera out early in the morning on my way into work when I see a beautiful sunrise… this Project is forcing me to not only smell the roses but to enjoy them as well… So lets see how March treats us… see it’s a bit empty… I bought some Girl scout Embellishments from K&Company about 2 years ago and since we are doing booth sales this is helping out to spice up my journaling cards… Oh and to help keep me organized I have 4x6 index cards with each weeks layout design on them so that way I can keep track of which way I need to take the photos and what goes where… a little organized I am… lol

Not going to lie I did by a package of Becky Higgins lined 4x3 cards and her page protectors A&B…

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