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I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

Saturday, February 12, 2011

POTD-Becky Higgins Project life…

Here are some of my photos from the last few weeks

As you can tell these are not in any particular order…28 flame broiler I Love the Flame broiler and that is my treat to myself on Tuesdays when DH is bowling…

And then I took a picture while in the 210 traffic in the canyonCanyon on my way home…

211 Epic mickeyThen on Friday we played (well mostly DH) Epic Mickey on the WII… he spent a good hour or so… Eerie sunset Saturday

The Saturday before super bowl the sunset was so eerie I had to take a photo of it…Thursday am 39 Degrees 

Yes I will admit I don’t like the cold that much and we live in socal yes that reads 39 degrees..WTH?norton Saturday croppedI heart our Dog Norton he is such a Drama Queen…

I made a new mac n Mac N Cheesecheese by kraft that the DH wanted to try… It was ok

I got many Thursday Packagespackages these last few weeks… I Wednesday Cricut stufffound the amazon app for the iphone… Yeah not good for me… so I got some of my orders in26 superbowl

Superbowl… I know we are one of the rare few families that could care less about the superbowl let alone football in general… (I was hoping that Greenbay won… I have family in Wisconsin) TOMTOM Saturday

Then DH got a package in the mail as well… a new Tom Tom… this one actually speaks the street names… our other one only says turn in 100 yards… etc…

I have been going from Saturday to Friday on my Pages… Only because the new year started on a Saturday… I am ordering this photos today… Once I get them and inserted into my album I will take a photo and show you all…

Anyone else doing Project life?

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