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I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project life

I am so excited... I got my Persnikety prints order today... which means that i got my 8x8 layout, my 8.5x11inch layouts... yes and my 8x8 page protectors in the mail today... now i am just waiting on the 8.5x11 inch page protectors... I know that my project life isnt going to be as uniformed as if i had bought the kit... but it will have my personality written all over it...
I used a lot of stuff that i had and bought some new stuff... mainly page protectors bought... but i cut down a lot of my own cardstock down to 4x6 and 4x3... So it will definitely be colorful... it has been fun so far... Once i get a chance i will post some more photos... of the album... Would love to see anyone elses project life and thier progress... Please comment and paste in a link to your blog... Pin It

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