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Friday, September 5, 2008

Trading Up!!!

Here is my box the way it was delivered..... I was so excited to see this on the front porch when i came home...

Ok so I decided to trade up from the little cricut bug to the big expression... So that way I can make bigger cuts... that will work better for the tags, bags boxes and more cartridge that i have. I have already started to use it and i am liking well, More like Loving IT!!! I bought the paper dolls cartridge and well i have been cutting out some of them... I am thinking this cart will be good to make a bigger magnetic paper doll and then make the clothes magnatic as well and have a bigger new paper doll for a little girl to play with... Here it is that I opened the box up...I love the Cricut tape... Great Touch!

the 12x12 mat...

with the Expression you can cut as small as .25 inches up to 23.5 inches... A lot more features and I am having a blast using it. I sold the Small one to Tennille... So we shall see what she can come up with... I am letting go of the George Cartridge... That is the one that comes w/ the smaller bug, and has tons of basics on there... It is a great cart to have...

However when i Received my two carts the plantin school book cart is actually a george cart mislabled... Oh well what can one do...

So once i start really have a good time with playing(since this is a 3day weekend, and i have a scrapbook retreat coming up) I should be able to get some stuff done... I highly recommend the Cricut machines they are awesome... the Design studio on the other hand... well just do not upload to your laptop... Enjoy!!!

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