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Friday, August 29, 2008

Creativity Shared would like to Welcome...

Joanna Elizabeth Punch Rigby to our share and share alike blog. Korie, the brain-child of this fun site, has asked me to give you the low-down on Jo-Jo. (I have nicknames for everyone, so you'll all just have to deal with it) I have known Jo for 14 years. All I really remember from the day we met is that we did cartwheels at some Young Woman's activity and somehow that's how we got to be friends? It's a good thing I moved to England near the summer because we were inseperable on the weekends and once school was over all the time... She would always be at my house or me at hers, hanging out, making friendship bracelets out of my mom's cross-stich threads... and talking about either Gareth or Clive!

or if we were really bored... playing dress up.... so what if we were 14?

Ours has been a long distance friendship as we have been apart for most of it.. Only seeing each other every two years or so. Somehow whenever we get back together it seems that we were never away and we go around as though we were never apart.I truly believe that we have been friends since the pre-existance and that we will be friends for the eternities.

I'm not too sure of her creative stylings, we haven't really seen a lot of each other stuff but I'm excited to see what she contributes, her Christmas card was super cute!

Anyway, let's all welcome jo.... "Hi Jo"
and Jo... let's get crackin' on something to look at! Pin It

1 comment:

Schultz Family said...

hello Jo... Thank you for your creativity!!!!

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