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Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine Day Gifts

This year my baby is in preschool. A few Moms have gotten together and have done a co-op type thing, where we all take turns teaching. Its been a lot of fun! We also get to have field trips and parties! Like last week we got to go on a FUN FILLED FIELD TRIP to California Pizza Kitchen where the kids got to make their own pizza and moms got to eat for free!!! The day before CPK we had our valentines party and Kira gave these....

A couple of weeks before Valentines I happened to be at JoAnns for some other projects and ran across these. I'm a sucker for owls and I thought these were super cute! So I bought them...... 
Then I hit the dollar store for some candy, some pencils and some erasers..... and then put the pencils together to make them look like chop-sticks. I also put some letter stickers on them so I knew whose was whose and there ya go. A Very CUTE {even if i do say so myself},  relatively inexpensive (not as cheap as those cards from the store but I like these more) Valentines Gift. 

Total price for 6 containers was 4.99, a dollar for the pencils (10 pack) a dollar for the erasers (10 pack)  and a dollar for the little candy we put inside.... so $8.00 for 6 gifts (we gave the other two to some other friends) comes out to $1.33 a piece. Something like this would also be great for birthday parties etc!
Hope you guys have a good day!!!

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