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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recipe Magnet Board

I have had some need to make gifts for people recently. I have seen these magnet boards used for all types of things, from message board to picture frames. I love the idea of usind these in the kitchen as a holder for recipes. When ever I use a recipe card or a book, it always ends up with gunk all over it because an egg smear went across it or I put my spoon down on it. With these, the recipes are up and off the counter.

I bought these boards pre-made and the bend was already in them when I got them. They were pretty reasonable at 4 dollars a piece. (If you wan the link, please leave a request in the comments section and I'll get it to you) In addition to the board I bought some buttons to put over the magnets to make them pretty. Everything else I had on-hand.

This is the beginning product. I got 3 with 3 magnets and shipping for 25 bucks.
I choose my paper, accesories and buttons.
I used Beacon's 3 in 1 Advanced craft Glue

If you haven't used this, it's awesome! I have used it in all kinds of papercrafts, and even though it has a bit of a smell to it, it has worked fantasticly for me! I tried using a glue gun, but it just didn't work with the metal, I don't know if this is because you have to buy a special glue for the glue gun but it didn't work.
I covered the metal with my paper of choice, for this example it was Basil Basics Black. I put the glue on the metal, all the way around, you have to sort of rub the glue in certain areas to make it stick, but once it grabs hold it's good forever!
I have had this cute American Crafts paper for ever and have never been able to cut it up because I have loved the flowers so much. This particular person has a black and white kitchen so I thought this was a great way to add a punch of color without going over board. So I cut the flowers out of the paper and stuck them on with regular glue.
I used a glue gun to attach these silver button covers (from Walmart $1.27 for 4)to the magnets and to secure down the ribbon.
Here is the final result

Here are the other two I completed also.

This was done with paper by g c d studios (called large tulips), the buttons are from walmart and the ribbon is American crafts. Letter is the Tear Drop Cartridge from Cricut.

This is Chatterbox - greenhouse stripes paper, the cuutin'up cartridge by critcut and ribbon from American Crafts. The button overs are from walmart (4 for $1.27)

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Jo said...

love this!! wish we could get stuff like that over here. they are beautiful, especially the flowers one.

Schultz Family said...

I love them all thank you Tennille you are always being so creative...

Theresa Vu ~ Creative Memories Consultant said...

I would love to have the link where you got these from.


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