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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Button Magnets

One of my obsessions as of late is making button magnets. I love buttons, because they can be so unique and have a personality all their own. I recently visited an anitque store up in Cedar City, UT and got some great vintage buttons to use.
First, you need to make sure the back of the magnet is flat. If not, you can clip any pieces off and sand it down. Then, I simply attach a magnet to the back of the buttons, usually with hot glue. I have been packaging them in sets of three in magnetic tins. I love being able to put the whole tin on the refrigerator, plus being able to use the magnets inside too.
I get the buttons wherever I can. I usually get the magnets at Michael's Craft Store, where they are priced the most affordably. The tins are from IKEA.

Here are my latest creations....

I love the green and yellow combination of the last one.
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