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Friday, December 19, 2008

So I got another page done... I decided I would go Digital with this one since I just barely put the pictures on the computer and it is easier to order online and put it into the 2007 book... hope you all enjoy. I used the Christmas primary digital kit from CM used ck type and ckConstitution for the fonts... Would like some feedback please let me know what you think... Thanks Korie
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Tennille said...

It's pretty. How do you like the digital... I just think that I won't like it as much as "real" because I like the tactile nature of "real" scrapbooking

Schultz Family said...

It is different... I am so not going digital completely... For my Girls in my Troop this is the way i am going to go... much easier to do one layout then have multiples printed out... it is nice back up to have for things like that... I prefer getting my hands dirty and being able to touch and feel everything...

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