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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ontario Scrapbook expo Part 2

Ontario Scrapbook Expo
was fun... It was more shopping and hanging out with good friends.
one of the wonderful things on my list was the Cricut deep blade cutter that can cut magnets, chipboard, rubber ... and then they had the wild cards on sale as well and well i had to have it... it is one of them on my list... Happy Birthday to me...LOL
Then we found a deal on a mystery back for 9.99 so the three of us pitched in and split the mystery bag... it had tons of heidi swap stuff in it... yummy...I also purchased the cropper hopper storage unit for 1.99, the icee lettering for .99 the three paints for .99 each and the stickles was from another company selling there for 1.65 each... which is a great deal...
another place on my list that we all wanted to check out was the Close to my heart consultants... well this is my stash... the stamps were 15$ the calander thing that i need to put together was i think 25$ and the book was free with my purchase... We never did get a chance to sit down and scrapbook... it was a long night too as well as day... It's hard to keep track of time when you are in the expo... so much to do so little time... We definitely missed Tennille, she is good at making sure we dont overkill our time at the expo... and that way we can get back with some time to scrapbook and be creative... Here's to the Orange county scrapbook expo in Feb... Enjoy!!! Korie
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