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Friday, October 10, 2008

Mickey Shaped album


Ok so I made this album with the CRICUT... Back
Btw do not use glue use some sort of ahesive such as the CM tape runner... The glue makes your paper bubble up see he picture of the back... oh and sorry about the pictures being on thier side... BLOGGER didnt like me when i uploaded this project...
Which i am not finished... Still need to add some sort of binding...
I used the MICKEY & FRIENDS FONT... The tag

I used the extra cardboard left over from my CM sheet protectors
My settings on the EXPRESSION...
the blade was at 6 (until i can get the new blue blade)
Low Speed
High pressure
fit to page (10)
Multi cut
I used the CM DISNEY VACATION paper for the front and back of the albums... to cover the cardboard that was used... I used RED (3), YELLOW (3), WHITE (3) cardstock...

they were 12x12 and they were cut down to 9 1/4 '' card stock cut on CRICUT was the normal settings please see your manuel...

More to come on this once i figure the binding out and when i have the pictures in as well... If you have any suggestions as for binding please leave a comment... all will be much appreciated... Thank you Pin It

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