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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Want to win a Gypsy????

See the above blinky? click on it if you want a chance to enter and win a gypsy... What is a GYPSY? it basically is an IPOD for your CRICUT... instead of storing music it holds your cartridges... It can hold up to 7000 cartridges... Easier to take to a Crop... instead of lugging around all your carts you just carry around the GYPSY.. ON top of which has its own version of DESIGN studio on there... and it comes with 2 carts on there... ONLY Comes with the GYPSY... it is a prize worth 250$... YOU know you want one and you know with this ECONOMY the best way to get one is to win it..... OH YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE 3RD to enter...
This wonderful website Cutting Above...They are a new blog site and they review products and does tutorials... check them out... One of my favorite creative People ROBYN the PINK STAMPER is on thier design team...
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