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Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Backgrounds and such...

I have been working on learning how to make my own backgrounds for my Blogs... I finally had a little success on my Family blog
I used the tutorial over on The cutest blog on the block
I use Storybook Creator plus software for my digital scrapbooking...
I ended up using SO CHIC for my blog header (those are easy to do) and then decided i liked it so much that i wanted to create my own background to go with it...

The center square is 7x7 (i used 12x12 paper as my starting guide)
I then had to play around with it several times before it was up to my satisfaction...
Now if you want to use the background CLICK THIS LINK
Now make sure you follow the directions in re to Photobucket to the T... I am so surprised that it turned out the way it has... I have learned how to make my blogs go from 2 column to 3 column from the cutest blogs on the block with thier blog secrets... They are awesome...
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