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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Layout

Ok so the Disney link up was a complete disaster and failure all rolled up into one... Oh well... If there is a next time i hope it will work out better... Quite possibly it was my fault for not explaining how it works...

I had a wonderful birthday... Spent it with close family friends... went to Vegas and did non traditional Vegas things... it was a blast... No Gambling on that trip... Ok maybe my DH but i didnt gamble...

I figured you all wanted to see what I did for my birthday layout... Basically I Basic Grey (the pink patterned paper) and then Bazzill for the Blue i cut out Happy birthday #31 with the Wild card font from my Birthday cake picture... I cut the cupcake out with Wild card on the Cricut as well... nothing too special... just sweet simple and to the point... Hope you enjoy... Let me know what you think...
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1 comment:

Tennille said...

I like how the paper is like the background in your paper!

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