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Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok Introducing two of my favorite people in the world... And they are really creative... I have invited them to share their creative thoughts and whatnots for this blog... I have known these two Woman for almost 10 years... They are a lot alike, Yet So different... They are both very creative and I really enjoy their company. I admire both of these woman for many different reasons... I hope you can enjoy the projects that they share as well as learn and grow...
Katie Hutchinson
I met Katie in the summer of 1998 at my Aunts house for a young woman's activity... We hit it off and we decided to go see the latest drew Barrymore movie EVER AFTER and that was the end of it all downhill really ...LOL Friends forever ever since...
-Sorry Katie you are stuck with me as a friend... We have
Been there for each other through the Cyndi years, the KC year, many dances, Moves, the NOAH experience, Deaths of loved ones, each others weddings... And Even though you are 3000 miles away I hope to be there for you (even though it is harder than ever) top picture was taken in may of 2007 by Jessica Knox and the wedding picture was taken feb 19, 2005 by Matthew Schultz. Katie is a great Friend and sister
Tennille Anderson
Tennille on the other hand is really good at telling you like it is... How I met Tennille... Well she was the FHE Co Cordinator (1998) and we ended up working together in HELL(1999)... We call it that for many reasons all legit that i will not go into detail right now... and that is how we got to know each other... She lived with her grandparents like i did, we both lived in either Perris or Moreno Valley (same area if you ask me), We just found we had a lot in common and became fast friends. Tennille is way more outspoken than I am, She has been trying to help me on that... I am more since she is in my life. She is a great Sister and friend, I wouldnt have it any other way... The Bottom photo is from her Wedding on 11*20*04 and the Top is from the summer of 04'. Bottom photo taken by Matthew Schultz and Top taken by Jacob Anderson. Please Enjoy these Ladies and thier sparks of creativity... You never know what you may learn from two very different people...
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